Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Chiropractic care and athletics go hand in hand. It is almost a sure thing that an athlete will be injured to some degree during his or her career. It is the nature of sports. What is not a guarantee is the speed and success with which they recover and return to their chosen activity. With years of sports chiropractic and athletic experience, we will help you to return to competition shape as quickly and safely as possible.

Dr. Fitzgerald specializes in the rehabilitation and injury prevention among athletes of all ages. His knowledge regarding the benefits of sports chiropractic goes well beyond the classroom. Dr. Fitzgerald brings first hand experience of the treatments needed to keep you playing at your highest potential. Having worked with young children, as well as high school and professional athletes, Dr. Fitzgerald offers specialized care to help you heal and stay strong. 

Dr. Fitzgerald with Philadelphia Union

Dr. Fitzgerald with Philadelphia Union


Family Health and Wellness

We believe that our most valuable possession is our health. Most patients begin Chiropractic care in order to feel relief. Our goal is to help identify the underlying cause of the health problem and develop a plan to get you back to feeling better. Our commitment is to use the safest and most effective procedures in the gentlest ways possible. We don’t cut corners. We don’t rush you in and out. We’ll sit down, listen to your story, and provide you with a chiropractic experience unlike any you’ve had before. Our passion is providing you with the finest Chiropractic care in our area by working together with you to achieve your wellness goals!



holistic nutrition and supplementation

Proper nutrition is essential for our bodies to heal and stay healthy. At Fitzgerald Family Chiropractic, we offer whole food, organic supplements through Standard Process. Ask us about how these supplements could help improve your body's function!